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Jamich Announces Engagement - Jamvhille Sebastian and Paolinne Michelle Liggayu are Gonna Tie the Knot Soon

May 20, 2014 /
Jamvhille Sebastian and Paolinne Michelle Liggayu better known as Jamich are now engaged. The famous YouTube tandem and real life couple’s announcement went viral after Paoline Michelle uploaded a video on YouTube where she proposes to Jam with the help of her friends, their families, as well as Bro. Bo Sanchez.

In the emotional video, Pao (Paolinne Michelle) left Jam on his seat and went backstage to prepare for her memorable act. An audio-visual presentation then plays off the big screen with Pao’s voice over in it.

The clueless Sebastian, who currently suffers a Stage 4 Lung Cancer, starts getting emotional as he watches the video. Suddenly, Pao came on the stage and started her speech. As she talks about their love story, the teary-eyed Pao walks down the stage and approached her boyfriend who’s then sitting beside his mother. The two got emotional as Paolinne began telling Jam her sweetest lines.
“Jamvhille Fernando Sebastian, will you be my happily ever after?”
Jamich Engaged Video Jamvhille Sebastian and Paolinne Michelle Liggayu
Screengrab from YouTube via JamichTV
Sebastian slowly stood up and asked Pao why she’s the one who made the proposal. Jam said, “Syempre yes.” He then kneeled and tearfully spoke a few lines.
“Sa mga hindi po nakakaalam, may sakit po ako. May cancer po ako. Wala pong ginawa ang girlfriend ko (Pao) kundi alagaan ako 24/7. Lagi syang nasa tabi ko. Sana lang pag gumaling ako, ako naman ang mag-aalaga sa kanya habang buhay.”
The overwhelmed Sebastian then took his part and asked Liggayu,
"Pao, will you marry me?"
His girlfriend quickly responded,
"Of course yes."
The two were lauded by the crowd with applause. While the wedding date of Jamich is still uncertain at the moment, only one thing’s for sure, they’ll be tying the knot soon.

Indian Student’s Prank Gone Horribly Wrong

May 19, 2014 /
Prateek Verma, a student from Delhi set up a prank on his father that has gone horribly wrong. He took a serious beating from his father when he fooled him into thinking that he had got his girlfriend pregnant.

In the video uploaded on YouTube, Prateek started by announcing that he is going to play a prank on his father.
“Let’s see what happens”, Prateek said before confessing to his father.
As much as we want to reveal everything that has happened on the video, we think that you might as well watch it first. 

When the boy hesitantly told his father, "Dad, I got my girlfriend pregnant", the father’s reaction was unimaginable. Prateek’s father got upset and started throwing kicks and punches as the boy pleads for forgiveness. The angry father only stopped beating Prateek when his son revealed that it’s only a prank.

The only prize Prateek got from his failed prank was fame as his video has already been viewed almost a million times since it was uploaded on YouTube three weeks ago.

Now we can say that Prateek must have realized to never play a prank ever again, at least on his father.

Court Files 47 Counts of Child Abuse against Abusive Nanny

May 15, 2014 /
Almost a year after the videos of a nanny maltreating a 3-month old baby made headlines; the court finally charged the suspect with 47 counts of Child Abuse. July of 2013 when Mary Bernadette Longcop Casuco, also known as Badette, was seen on a series of videos abusing the then 3-month old infant entrusted to her by her bosses.

screengrab from YouTube via ABS CBN News

On one of the said footages, Badette can be seen shaking the baby rapidly as if the video was played on a fast forward motion. On another tape, she was seen slapping the baby’s face multiple times. The parents of the abused baby also found out several other videos showing the alarming acts of Badette. 

On an interview by Bandila, ABS-CBN’s nightly news program, the father of the baby who hid his real identity in the name “Julio”, said that he watched and reviewed 2000 hours of video footages and said that there were more than a hundred acts of child abuse done by Badette.

“It’s really hard as a parent to watch your infant child beaten in a hundred different ways. Talagang torture.” Julio added. 
Last December 2013, the court finally ordered an arrest warrant against Badette due to 47 counts of child abuse. Unfortunately, Badette is yet to be found and is still at large until now. Even Badette’s relative urges the suspect to surrender to the authorities. 

On the other hand, police said that they have created a task force in Northern Samar and is now coordinating with the NBI. The father of the baby is also giving an amount of 50,000 pesos as a reward for any information that will lead to the arrest of Casuco.

Meanwhile, the baby who is now one year old is living a healthier life.

If you want to watch the video, here's a link to YouTube.

Chinese Father Sacrifices Himself to Save His Son, as a Trailer Truck Runs Him Over

April 15, 2014 /
A heroic act by a Chinese father identified as Hsiung Kuo was caught on CCTV camera as he saves his son’s life by pushing him out of the path of a lorry. A 47-year-old Yong had been driving his 71-year-old father into the city on an electric scooter. Mail Online has reported that the father and son stopped at a crossing but the lorry suddenly appears and smashes into their scooter.

Chinese Father Sacrifices Himself Saves His Son From Lorry
Hsiung Kuo goes for a desperated bid to push his son away from the huge truck.
(Image source:

The image below shows Hsiung Kuo as he desperately pushes his son away from the truck despite being ran over by it.

Chinese Father Sacrifices Himself Saves His Son From a Lorry
Despite being ran over by the huge wheels of the lory, the heroic Chinese father ensures his son's safety.
(Image source:

The two get thrown in the ground and before the lorry runs over the both of them, Hsiung Kuo pushed Yong away from the lorry to save his life. The heroic father was then ran over by the lorry that crushes his legs and chest. 

Chinese Father Sacrifices Himself Saves His Son
The harrowing scene showing the Chinese father being crushed by the lorry.
(Image source:
Hsiung Kuo was declared dead on the scene while his son Yong was consoled by an emergency team and was treated for shock.

Meanwhile, the driver who reportedly ran from the scene has been arrested as the police investigate the incident.

Korean Twin Sisters' Amazing Transformation

April 13, 2014 /
A Korean reality TV show ‘Let’s Beauty’ gave a twin sisters a literally life changing opportunity of undergoing a series of sponsored operations. In Korea, it is normal for teens, especially for women, to undergo plastic surgeries to enhance their physical appearance, thus boosting their self-esteem and confidence.

Before the operation, the doctors studied the twins' facial bone structures carefully to carry out a successful plastic surgery. The rest of the pictures below will let you see how huge the twin  has transformed before and after the operation.

Side view (before the surgery)

Side view (after the surgery)

Front view (before the surgery)

Front view (After the surgery)

Andrew Kelly Wows Ellen DeGeneres with His Mind Boggling Magic Tricks

British close-up magician Andrew Kelly throws impressive magic card tricks as he was invited at the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Andrew Kelly shocked Ellen with his clever tricks using cards. He completely baffled the minds if the audience on how did he pull those tricks in front of the camera and in front of Ellen herself.

Andrew Kelly was known to perform magic tricks in front of people’s eyes using usually with the aid of cards. 

Just watch the video below and be impressed with Andrew Kelly’s set of mind boggling magic tricks.

Unsung Hero, A Heartwarming Thai Life Insurance Ad will Touch Your Heart

April 10, 2014 /
Thais are known to produce heartwarming videos in their ads. And once again, they have made a hit video ad that brought viewers into tears. 

Unsung Hero Thai Life Insurance Ad Video
Screengrab from YouTube
A Thai life insurance company uploaded a video on YouTube entitled “Unsung Hero” featuring a Good Samaritan who shows daily act of kindness such as watering a withering plant, feeding a stray dog, handing bananas to an elderly neighbor, and giving money to a poor young girl. 

Unfortunately his deeds go unnoticed because he doesn’t intend to be recognized. Eventually, the man’s kindness was rewarded by the priceless things he has seen. First, the poor young girl going to school, the plant that blooms, and the stray dog that followed him home. 

The viral ad was created by Ogilvy & Mather Bangkok for Thai Life and has now garnered over four million views on YouTube just a week after it went online.